Criminal defense lawyers handle sensitive and sometimes urgent legal matters. Thus, they need to be available for their clients at all times. Again, most criminal arrests occur at night, and so are most calls to criminal defense attorneys. The challenge is that lawyers are expected on duty every time clients need their legal services. Many legal firms operate strictly during office hours, but most of their clients need legal help even after working hours and over the weekends.

With a busy day schedule and phone calls around the clock, you can easily suffer burnout. An answering service for a criminal defense law firm can ease matters for you and your firm. Here are other benefits you can reap.

Delegate Duties and Serve Your Clients Better

Criminal attorneys are customarily busy people. The regular working hours are barely enough for them to accomplish everything on their daily to-do-lists. They have cases to study, courts to attend, and ensure that all their clients are satisfied. On top of that, attorneys need to keep winning new clients for their law firm. It leaves them with little or no time to tend to their matters. A busy schedule every day is also a recipe for stress and burnout. That is why a solution is needed to relieve some of their duties and leave them with enough time to handle the most critical tasks.

Handling phone calls is among the most taxing jobs in every law firm. Clients are always calling to schedule appointments, make inquiries about legal procedures, and sign up for services.  In addition to handling the clients that come into the office every day, criminal attorneys need to stay in line almost all the time to address the needs of those calling the office. No success is achieved this way, as some clients feel neglected, whether in the office or on call. An answering service for criminal defense law firms feels like a great idea if criminal attorneys want to serve all their clients without fail.

Additionally, some clients will call out of office hours when attorneys have probably left office. They need advice and help with legal issues they are facing. These are equally essential clients, whose contribution to the law firm attorneys should not ignore. Criminal defense law firms need someone in the office to handle those calls. The person must operate around the clock, as some calls come in late in the night. An attorney who has had a busy day in court may not be energetic and alert enough to work through the night. That is why a call handler for your law firm is an excellent idea.

Your Firm Can Give Immediate Attention To Clients’ Needs

Everyone that has a problem with the law wants immediate counsel. The criminal justice system is not straightforward. Therefore, an alleged offender wants to understand his/her options and maneuver the system as quickly as possible. He/she will call for an attorney immediately there is a need. That could be in the middle of the night, in the middle of an attorney’s meeting, too early before the attorney arrives at the office, and even when the attorney is in court.

In any of these scenarios, the chances are high that the client will miss the attorney, translating to a lost business chance for the law firm. As a criminal defense attorney, you want to be there when your clients call, regardless of the time.

Round the Clock Connection Between Clients And Attorneys

You can never lose touch with your clients as long as you receive their calls immediately they come in. In times of distress, everyone wants their phone calls answered promptly. The same applies to those facing criminal charges or their families.

There are many reasons you may not answer a client’s call immediately. You may be speaking to another client, trying to understand their legal situation. You might also be in court, representing another client. In that case, you need someone else to receive the calls and take the message on your behalf.

New clients or their families will call to see whether you are available to represent them in court. Others will call seeking legal advice. If they do not receive the kind of response they were anticipating, you may start losing new business. It will eventually affect the firm’s operations and could cause your business financial problems in the future.

Remember that your legal firm must always be looking for new business. That is why you need to keep potential clients engaged, even when you are extremely busy. Have someone knowledgeable advise them, book an appointment for them or answer all their questions regarding your services.

Some clients want to keep open communication with you. Some have grave legal problems and would like an ongoing assurance that everything will be fine. Others will want to call whenever new information comes in. They want to be sure that you are always working on their case. You do not want to leave clients like those hanging.

Top Priority Business Calls Are Separated for Your Attorneys’ Immediate Response

Handling phone calls is quite challenging, especially in a legal firm. It is not possible to tell which phone calls are more important than others. If you decide to take all the calls coming through to your office, you could waste precious time. Time is of the essence in a legal firm. You want to dedicate much of the time you have to the cases at hand. But you can’t ignore the fact that some calls are a high priority. How do you strike a balance?

Call handling services will scrutinize all incoming calls, filter out the less critical phone calls, and ensure that priority calls are transmitted to the right attorney on time.

Everyone in a legal firm has their respective roles, ensuring the firm’s operations are smooth running. If one attorney spends more time filtering and transferring calls,  he/she may neglect their priority tasks and compromise the firm’s smooth operation.

Even when attorneys in your legal firm are extremely busy, clients will still want to speak to a skilled and experienced person. A call handler who understands the business operations of the firm is the right one to engage. Your clients will be well answered, and schedules will be set and canceled without your intervention.

Call handling is among the most daunting tasks in a legal firm. Taking the burden off the attorneys’ and paralegal’s shoulders leaves them with enough time on their hands to adequately attend to other business matters. It leaves all clients and workers satisfied.

Your Attorneys Can Handle High-Priority Calls From Clients Even After Working Hours

A busy criminal defense law firm will have clients coming in and going out every day. It will also have a stream of business calls coming in daily. Among them are high-priority phone calls that cannot be ignored or pushed to another time. Some of these calls come in the middle of the day, at odd hours, after business hours, or over the weekends. There is no particular time for calls like those.

When high-priority calls come in, a client could become frustrated if there is no one in the office to receive it. They might end up calling the next criminal defense law firm they can find.

How about creating a situation where you can always receive high-priority calls even when you are busy out of the office? It works both ways — you will not miss out on a chance to help a client, and your clients will be happy.

Engaging the services of a call handler ensures that all incoming calls are received in real-time. A critical call by an arrestee or their family is forwarded to the right attorney in real-time, and the client receives the legal help they need. This way, you do not have to worry about what your legal firm missed in your absentia.

Better Customer Service

Imagine how you sound when you receive a business call while another client is waiting to be served in your office. You are most probably to rush the caller through so you can go back to the one sitting across from you. The most likely scenario is that both clients will feel dissatisfied in the end.

No one wants their attorney to keep receiving calls while they are explaining their situation. Again, no one wants to be rushed through a call just so the attorney can go back to business. Good customer care services ensure that everyone is satisfied at the end of every interaction, and this is what you receive from professional answering services.

A call handler will be there to take your calls when you are busy. It allows you enough time to pay attention to your client’s needs without any form of interaction. On the other hand, your callers will be given enough time to explain their situation and needs without feeling rushed.

An attentive and eager person will receive your business calls, and all the caller’s questions are answered. It keeps your client coming back for more services since they love the way your legal firm handles them.

Boost Your Law Firm’s Reputation

Have you ever wondered what your past clients say or think about your criminal defense law firm? Business reputation is essential, as this is what will bring clients back for more, and also earn you new clients. 

How you handle your clients is one way through which you acquire or destroy a reputation.  Fully-satisfied clients will always come back if they need more of your legal services. They are also most likely going to recommend you to their family or friends.

A legal firm whose services are available round the clock will earn more clients. The need for an attorney for most people comes when they least expect it. In that case, there is no guarantee that a client will find an attorney in the office when they go looking for one. However, they can still hire an attorney if they call a legal firm that operates round the clock.

Give potential clients a reason to make that call, even after working hours. When potential clients know that your firm is always available, they are comforted and satisfied.  The fact that someone will be there to speak and guide them gives your legal firm an unbeatable reputation. Remember that you are dealing with all kinds of people as a legal firm, including those that work night-shifts. No one should feel left out.

Call handling services can also boost your firm’s reputation among your existing clients. They should always know that you have a legal team on call every day, only for their sake. When they call with a question or concern, their needs are attended to without delay.

Keeps Your Law Firm Open To New Business

As mentioned above, a legal firm should always be open to new clients. Your current clients will not be with you forever. They will be gone as soon as their legal matter is resolved. To keep the business going, you need to be open to new markets. New clients will call or visit to find whether your firm is taking in new clients. They will contact your office to make inquiries regarding your legal services and their situation. You may not be there all the time to answer them, but your call handler will. With the right answering services, you will never miss out on a chance to engage new clients.

Increase Your Law Firm’s Productivity With Attorney Answering Service

Answering services for criminal defense law firms have more benefits to offer than losses. They will free your time and that of your paralegals, earn you new business and save you money. They will keep you connected with your clients no matter the time or your location. Your clients need your 100% attention when they visit or call your office. It is the only assurance that you understand their legal needs and can help them out of their situation. Therefore, engage the services of an answering service today and allow your firm to enjoy the benefits.