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Why You Should Use an Answering Service for Your Criminal Defense Law Firm

Criminal defense lawyers handle sensitive and sometimes urgent legal matters. Thus, they need to be available for their clients at all times. Again, most criminal arrests occur at night, and so are most calls to criminal defense attorneys. The challenge...

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Identity and Credit Card Theft

Theft offenses are commonly charged under Penal Code §211, Penal Code §487(a), Penal Code §484, Penal Code Section §484(e), Penal Code §470. Under California Proposition 47, many theft offenses involving less than $950 are no longer charged as felonies...

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Mental Health Diversion Bill

In 2018, Assembly Bill 1810, also known as California’s Mental Health Diversion Statute, was signed into law. The stated purpose of the statute was to divert individuals with mental disorders away from the criminal legal system. (Pen. Code § 1001.35)....

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